The Blockchain is a technology based on the virtual digitized decentralized network with “blocks” of information. When you add any information in the network, you add it in all computers in the network.Blockchain technology distributed across multiple data centers can ensure security against attacks on important network and hardware equipment.

Why Should You Prefer Blockchain Development Services?

One of the reasons why your business should use this technology is about its open source structure. It means that other users of the network can read and confirm (or unconfirm) the information. The essential thing of being open source is that it can’t save logged data without majority Blockchian network users.

Types Of Blockchain

Private Blockchain

private blockchain is a permissioned based.Works on access controls which restrict the people who can participate in the network.

Consortium Blockchain

The consortium blockchain is a system that is 'semi-private' and has a controlled user group, but works across different organizations.

Public Blockchain

public blockchain is permissionless. Anyone can join the network and read, write, or participate within the blockchain.

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