Ansible is simple open source IT engine which automates application deployment, intra service orchestration, cloud provisioning and many other IT tools.

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What You'll Learn

  • Automate Linux Patching using Ansible
  • Learn Deploying Ansible
  • Learn Gain sufficient skills to perform core system administration Automation
  • Learn Industrial project of stop/start control m appl/db
  • Learn How do we create Ansible Roles

Course Content

  • Ansible is designed for multi-tier deployment. Ansible does not manage one system at time, it models IT infrastructure by describing all of your systems are interrelated. Ansible is completely agentless which means Ansible works by connecting your nodes through ssh.
  • Installation Process
  • Understanding YAML
  • Representing List
  • File Transfer
  • Parallelism and Shell Commands
  • Managing Packages
  • Loops
  • Blocks
  • Conditionals
  • Important Points
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 Full Time Lectures

 Real Scenarios

 Project Work

 Certification of Completion

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